The Yoders - (L to R)  Kelly, Miranda, Alyssa, Bianca, & Cindy
In this monthís column, I have one word for youÖ.. Lasagna!!!!

WOW!!! If I hear one more Positive comment on our Lasagna (that is served on occasion), Iíll start having it Every Week!!!

Some of the comments that Iíve heard, Iíll list below:

ďFor an Amish restaurant, you guys have Wonderful Lasagna!Ē

ďThat is the Best Lasagna that Iíve ever had!Ē

ďWhatís your recipe?Ē

Our secret is in the sauce and the way that it is layered together! Our Lasagna has 6 cheeses in it! I make the sauce and my wife (Cindy) layers it! Other than that, I canít tell you any more! I know itís the best! I know because there is absolutely no way to further improve it! It makes my mouth water!

Lasagna is served once every 5 Thursdays, over Lunch. But it may have to start being served a lilí more often!!

Iíve been asked to start offering a Pasta dish for an evening special. Iíve decided to do it! I donít know what week it is going to start, but it will be on a Thursday evening. We have a different pasta for Lunch every Thursday so I think that it would be easier for us (in the kitchen) to also offer it in the evening on that day.

Hereís our Pasta-Lunch schedule:

Lasagna (w/ 4 cheeses)
Rigatoni and Meat Sauce (w/ Mozzarella cheese)
5-cheese Ravioli with miniature Italian meatballs
Spaghetti and Italian meatballs
Hamburger Goulosh
Johnny Marzetti

All pastas are served with Garlic Bread and one more side dish for $ 6.45! And you will be ďfullĒ when you leave! You may even need a "doggie" bag?

Our Saturday morning All-U-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet is vastly becoming a Hit!! The Buffet offers: Scrambled Eggs, Home Fries, Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Sausage Patties, Sausage Links, French Toast, Pancakes, fresh Maple rolls, and a fresh Fruit Dish.

Awesome T-R add

On a recent Saturday night off, my wife and I recently tried a competitorís Prime Rib. It was very good! They claim to have the best in the area? Iím not so sure if I would go that far?

While we have a fabulous Broasted Chicken, we also have a Wonderful Swiss Steak and PRIME RIB!! Iím not going to say any more! I need you all to try it out for yourself!

In last monthís article, I wrote about some of our further improvements to some of our side dishes.

Well, our new ďbreadedĒ onion ring was a flop!! Iím convinced not only by our sales, but by my taste buds to give up on finding a new onion ring! Our onion rings are a hit right now and I just feel that I need to leave them alone!! ?

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