The Yoders - (L to R)  Kelly, Miranda, Alyssa, Bianca, & Cindy
Greetings!     Let me tell you of some of the changes that have been made in the last 4 months.

Prime Rib is also served on Thursday nights, in addition to Friday and Saturday nights!

BBQ Pork on Saturdays!

We have a New Macaroni Salad and a New Potato Salad! Both of these are made-from-scratch right in our own kitchen! Just as our World-famous Coleslaw is!   And I can tell you honestly.... there is NO-one in the state of Ohio that has Coleslaw or Macaroni Salad that tastes like our's!!

New Corn Nuggets! These are deep-fried and delicious! Available as an Appetizer, or a Side Dish.

Our Burgers have changed! I got rid of the 4 ounce "packed" burger in favor of an 5.3 oz succulant "loose" pattie that is seasoned and delicious!

We also changed the American cheese slices to an excellent tasting cheese! This cheese _really_ makes our Omelets, Breakfast-Sandwiches, Burgers, Grilled-Cheese, and anything else we apply it to; better!!

Our Swiss Cheese providers are Pearl Valley Cheese of Fresno; which is just down the road from us! They have many award-winning cheeses and can be found on the web at:

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Thanks for Visiting!


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