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From time to time, I like to post (on our website) some things that make us different here at Miller's Dutch Kitch'n from the rest.

Here are some of the new things that have changed or have been developed:

1st item is about our vanilla soft-serve ice cream. It is made from scratch too!   While it has always been delicious, I felt that it was lacking something?   I recently made some changes to it and I'm here to tell you.... it is even better than before!!!   Try it out for yourself!

2nd, as most of you know, when we took over the restaurant this past year, I made some minor changes to the side dishes.

We will soon have a new onion ring! Our's right now are "Breaded", but they have a "minced" onion inside of them.   I want the solid onion, in the breaded outter shell!   I finally have found a vendor who will soon deliver me these new onion rings!

I changed the french fries to the crinkle-cut style that use to be served many years ago at the old Miller's Kitch'n (across the street)!   I grew up with those fries and that restaurant!   During the summers, when I would work for my father, I would eat at Miller's 3-times a day!!!   That's NO joke!!   I'll bet that I've consumed more french fries than anyone on Earth!
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But as you may already know, we still offer the (what I call) Homestyle french fries that we have offered over the past few years too for those of you that have enjoyed them!

Also too (when we took over), we had changed the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks from the "battered" to the "breaded" style!   This was a much needed improvement and we could see it by the increase in sales!   Try some with our fabulous Marinara sauce!!

My wife added Corn Nuggets to the menu!   Corn Nuggets are creamed-corn in a semi-breaded outter shell and are deepfried.   While I was skeptical at first, I have to admit that they are pretty darn good!

As of last week, we also added Hash Brown Patties to the Breakfast menu!   They are deepfried are pretty delicious with a lil' salt!   And if your like me?   A lil' ketchup!!   And if you like Blueberry pancakes, they are on the menu too!

We soon will also be serving Dr. Pepper along with all of our Pepsi products!   We will be saying goodbye to Sierra Mist.   It doesn't sell.   And I must say, that it is just the nasiest stuff ever made!

4th, about a month ago, we changed the marinade of our Charbroiled Chicken Breasts.   The chicken breasts are bonless and skinless and cooked over an open flame.   They are faboulous on top of a salad or served as a dinner!   This changed in the marinade has been a positive one!!   The recipe comes from mother!

And our Lunch-Specials are fabulous!!   They're never a "burger & fries" or a "grilled-cheese & cup/soup", they are a meal!   Beef/Noodles, Spaghetti/Meatballs, Yumesetti, Beef/Tators/Carrots Roast, German-Style Goulosh, Beeferoni, Lasagna, etc.!!!

On a final note, people would be surprised to know that I make a few of the special touches that are in some of our foods!   Currently, I make the Hamloaf, Meatloaf, Salisbury Steak, the marinade in the Beef/Potato/Carrot roast/casserole, and the German-style Goulosh casserole!

While I know that we won't be able to please every customer, I'll guarantee that 99% of you will enjoy your visit to our restaurant!!

Thanks for visiting!


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