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We get asked from time to time, if we serve a Dinner Buffet?

We also get asked......Why don't you serve a Dinner Buffet?

Here's why we don't.....

A Buffet is a Poor-excuse of a Dinner table!

Yes, we have a Breakfast Buffet on Saturday mornings. I don't like it! It is alot of work to keep fresh serving-tongs and dishing-spoons clean (especially this time of the year) and sterile for the 4 hours we operate the buffet!

The only reason we still have the buffet is because of our regular and local folks that have come to like it. The Breakfast Buffet was started many years ago and has always been a hit! And if I quit it now, I will never hear the end of the "flack" and "tongue-lashings" that I will receive!!

Here's some things to remember about buffets:

    1. You will NEVER - Ever get the "freshest" food at a Buffet! And it will still cost you $10-$15 dollars a plate!!!

    2. You will Never know what other foods might be mixed in that item that you are "dishing-on" your plate!

    3. Nor, will you know how old that item really is?

    4. Think about that person (in line behind you) that just came out of the bathroom, and didn't wash their hands!!!

    5. Or that person that just had an "itch" on their nose. Let alone, they've had a "runny" nose all day long!!!

Will Miller's ever have a Dinner Buffet?

No,   Never!!!

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Thanks for Visiting!   And hope I didn't "gross" you out!


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