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With a change in ownership this past summer, Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n is now in its 2nd generation of Family-ownership. Originally started by Levi and Elvina Miller in 1972, the restaurant’s cooking was based after Miller family home cooking and recipes. While the business was passed down through 2 sons (Edwin then Marvin), after a total of 36 years, the Miller Family decided to sell the business to longtime employee Cindy Yoder and her husband Kelly this past June.

Cindy has a total of 16 years experience with Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n, with the last 8 years being employed as Manager. Kelly comes to the business from another area company where he was involved Purchasing, Shipping/Receiving, and Warehouse Management. Cindy is involved with the finances, purchasing, and inventory. Kelly is involved with the advertising, inventory, and taste-testing!

Being situated in Baltic, which is on the corners of 3 counties (Tuscarawas, Coshocton, and Holmes), poses small problems like being further away from larger (higher-populated) communities such as Dover/Phila, Coshocton, and Millersburg in which many of its residents enjoy eating at the establishment occasionally. The Yoder’s felt that this past summer’s receipts were a little down due to our nation’s rise in fuel prices. They felt that folks just weren’t travelling as much.

This time of the year is referred to as the “Slow-Season” for local restaurants. It is a time in which local food establishments see a decline in business do to a decrease in the summer tourism season and more inclement weather conditions.

Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n has been taking combative measures though! Utilizing more product vendors helps in keeping costs down. Knowing too, that it is winter time and folks get tired of being at home all the time, they have also increased the dollar amount on their coupon that they publish locally and regionally as an extra incentive to get everyone out of the house.

Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n has a high rate of return customers. These customers come from within the community and communities around. Miller’s also sees a higher than expected percentage of return customers coming from such distances as Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Columbus.

Its reputation and the respect for the Miller family name were two reasons why the business is still named as it is! Cindy says, “You just don’t go changing a good thing like the name of something that is widely known and recognized!”

Kelly’s admits some of his business secrets are, “Taking care of your employees, bring your customers in by keeping prices low, and don’t cut your portions! Offering food at lower prices will keep you busier than offering food at median price. And keep your website updated, constantly!”

Kelly would like to offer one more piece of advice, “Go with your dreams! When my wife and I purchased this business, we had plans for me to keep working at the company I was working for until sometime in the spring of 2009. While I was working 7 days a week and some pretty long hours helping that company succeed, she was working just as long/hard trying to run everything here! It was a terrible idea! I should have started here the day we took over! I had always envisioned owning a business for about the last 20 years and then when the time came, I let the thought (worry) of a little less income, overcome me. I should have been putting all the time and effort that I was giving another company, into my business instead!

Miller's Dutch Kitch'n can be found on the web at: Jan. 2009 - The T-R Business News article